N0.1 大島渚「愛のコリーダ」(1976) を読む

N0.1 大島渚愛のコリーダ」(1976) を読む



This film made Oshima notorious as well as famous. Actually, the censorship to this film due to its unsimulated and explicit sex scenes made it notorious, but film is purely an erotic masterpiece. It is very beautiful, immensely erotic, chilling and romantic.

When Oshima was searching for the lead actress and was in doubt whether he would find her, his own actress wife told him that if he couldn’t find anyone, then she herself would play in his film. Actually, his wife had s...aid that just to encourage other actresses, to make them believe that the film wouldn’t contain too many pornographic elements.

Another famous filmmaker, Koji Wakamatsu, helped him to find casting actors and they took Eiko Matsuda as female lead and Tatsuya Fuji as male lead; they made a perfect couple. This combination is also the best part of this film since there are so many romantic and sex scenes between them. They both performed very brilliantly and lively. Beautiful cinematography, hauntingly mesmerizing imageries, and highly erotic and romantic scenes have made this film one of the most beautiful films ever made.

This film is actually about love, especially about a sensual love. A woman has insatiable sexual desires and she wants the best sex as often as she can. The man tries to give it, but slowly becomes incapable of fulfilling her desires. Jealousy is another main theme; she doesn’t want his penis being used by any other woman, even his wife!

What is more interesting and shocking about this film is that it is based on real incidents in the life of Sada Abe, who later became a folk hero in her native Japan. She believes that a woman loves only one person in her entire life and she doesn’t want other women to share him. It is possibly the greatest erotic film ever made.