‪Everything has become an affaire that's settled among the colors themselves; a color will come into its own in response to another, or assert itself, or recollect itself. Rainer Maria Rilke 1907‬

‪What I hear is valueless; only what I see is living, and when I close my eyes my vision is even more powerful.‬
‪Giorgio de Chirico‬

‪Everything has become an affaire that's settled among the colors themselves; a color will come into its own in response to another, or assert itself, or recollect itself. ‬

‪Rainer Maria Rilke 1907‬

‪It's as if every place were aware of all the other places.‬

‪Rainer Maria Rilke ‬

‪Picaso se posait aussi beaucoup cette question; jusqu'où puis-je aller dans la penture? Quand ils en avaient marre de peindre des paysages, il ne restait plus aux peintres qu'à se peinde eux-mêmes. Le cinéma étant un peu autre chose , ne pouvant pas se faire seul, on peut toujours montrer ce qu'il y a autour de cette solitude.J'ai toujours pensé que le cinéma était un instrument de pensée  (Godard)‬


Le cinéma est fait pour penser l'impensable

Le cinéma est quelque chose d'extrêmement physique de par son invention mécanique. C'est fait pour s'évader,et s'evader c'est de la métaphysique.

‪Taste is the best judge. It is rare. Art adresses itself only to an excessively limited number of individuals.‬
‪Paul Cézanne 1904‬

‪Animal figures rigid as statues, with something indescribably solmn and religious in the rhythm of their pose, in their strange immobility. In eyes that dream, the troubled surface of an unfathomable enigma.  ‬ 
Paul Gauguin 1921‬

‪Everything is both connected to and develops from its own time, first one complicates, then one simplifies. ‬If the Impressionists simplified the palette, if they achieved greater colour and luminously, it is the thanks to investigations of the Romantic master and his struggles with the complicated palette.
‪Paul Signac 1899‬

‪Litterature mixed with the vulgarities of Realism to put an end to the refined touches of Symbolism: the "slice of life" was served ungarnished, at the same time the aristocratic love of the choice word, of unadulterated state of the soul and  obscurity of poetry, provoked lyricism of the young writers.
 Maurice Denis 1909‬

Unfortunately it is hard to say without too much obscurity what classicism is.
Maurice Denis 1907

Pictures once hung on these hooks...This is the end of the histories of the pictures.
Julius Meier-Graefe 1904

The Artist should strive to express his thought and not the surface of it.  
Ryder 1905

A thousand sensations are awakened within us
August Endell 1897-8

I do not want to show future its true path. 
Kandinsky 1914

Only one thing can save the painting, and that's joke. The joke shines trough everything.
Derain 1905-1909

As youth, we carry the future and want to create for ourselves freedom of life and of movement against the long-established older forces. 
- F.L.Kirchner 1905

What is it about these primitive forms of expression that appeals so much to us artists ? 
Emile Nolde 1912

Music supplies an anonymous nutriment to our feelings, to our memories...

The Louvre is a morgue; we go there to identify our friends.ー Cocteau

Who would want to be a prophet? For we have lost faith in One Master Signifier.
Julia Kristeva 1982

The value of a line , of a form consists for us in the value of the life that it holds us.
ー W.Worringer 1906

What interests me most is neither still life nor landscape, but the human figures. It is that   which best permits me to express my all religious awe towards life.
ーHenri Matisse 1908

‪We feel that he has expressed something which was latent in us all the time, but which we never realized, that he has revealed us to ourselves in revealing himself. And this recognition of purpose is, I believe, an essential part of the Aesthetic judgement proper. ‬
‪Roger Fry 1910-1912‬

Je reviens en arrière mais Je vais de l'avant.

Do not despair if your specialty appears to be more delicate, a fragile thing. Make up in finesse what you lose in force. 

‪Such is our school which, taking primitive art as its source, develops in the contemporary era. ‬
‪Alexander Shevchenko 1912‬

Art is vision or intuition.
Benedetto Croce 1913


‪What appears in the metropolitan style of life directly as dissociation is in reality only one of its elementary forms of socialization. ‬
‪George Simmel 1902-03‬

‪The fundamentally ascetic trait of middle-class life, if it attempts to be a way of life at all, and not simply the absence of any, was that Goethe wanted to teach, at the height of his wisdom, in the Wanderjahren, and in the end o which he gave to the life of his Faust. ‬
Max Weber 1904-05‬

‪What is this principle of party literature?‬
‪Lenin 1905‬

‪Instinct is sympathy. If this could extend its object and also reflect upon itself, it would give us the key to vital oparations ー just as intelligence, developed and disciplined, guides us into matter.‬
‪Henri Bergson 1907‬

‪Only, everything in this plain still sleeps but , when it stirs - eveyas it stands will go; the peasant will go, the groves and the churches will go, and the incarnate Mothers of God will go forth from the hills, and the lakes will overflow the banks, and the rivers will flow backwards, and the whole earth will go. ‬
‪Alexander Bill 1908‬

‪Art and state are irreconcilable. ‬
‪They are by their very nature opposed.‬
‪- Walter Gropius 1919 ‬

All modern art is unpopular, and it is so not accidentally and by chance, but essentially and by fate
José Ortega y Gasset 



Heaven would shock the earth.

Poetry comes from those who are not concerned with it. We are cabinetmakers. The mediums come afterwards and...make the tables talk.

Et qu’est-ce que l’infini?
Au juste nous ne le savons pas!
C’est un mot
dont nous nous servons
pour indiquer
de notre conscience
vers la possibilité
inlassable et démesurée.
Et qu’est-ce au juste que la conscience?
Au juste nous ne le savons pas.
C’est le néant.
Un néant
dont nous nous servons
pour indiquer
quand nous ne savons pas quelque chose
de quel côté
nous ne le savons
et nous disons
du côté de la conscience,
mais il y a cent mille autres côtés.
ー Artaud

(Леди Макбет Мценского уезда: Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District)

‪We affirm that the world's magnificence has been enriched by a new beauty ; 
the beauty of speed. 
Marinetti 1909‬

Musik ist höhere Offenbarung als alle Weisheit und Philosophie.
- Beethoven






‪The gesture which we would reproduce on canvas shall no longer be a fixed moment in universal dynamism. it shall simply be the dynamic sensation itself. ‬
‪- Boccioni 1910‬

that the art critics are useless or harmful.
Umberto Boccioni 1910

Realism is the eternal quality in art; without it there can be no permanent beauty, because it is the very essence of beauty.
R. Delaunay 1912

Exacting artist, are you pleased with your creation?
You are? Then let the mob abuse your name
And on the alter spit where burns your flame.
And shake your tripod in its childish animation

G.V.Plekhanov 1912-13

The world is giving birth to a new time; there is only one question: has the time now come to seperate ourselves from the world ?
F. Mark 1914

A work of art must be significant in its own time, like any other intellectual manifestation.
F.Léger 1914

To affirm that the universe does not resemble anything and is nothing but formless amounts to the claim that the universe is something like a spider or a gob of spittle. 
George Bataille 1929-30

With our Vortex the Present is the only active thing. 
Life is the Past and the Future.
The Present is Art. 

- P.C.Lewis 1914

H. Gaudier-Brzeska

There can be, I believe, such a thing as a dominant art form; this was what literature had become in Europe by the 17th century. (...)
Not only could painting imitate sculpture , and sculpture, painting, but both could attempt to reproduce the effect of literature.
- Clement Greenberg 1940

N0.1 大島渚愛のコリーダ」(1976) を読む


Nagisa Oshima boasted his own experience in wartime while he was a boy. Nagisa Oshima covered in the pot his father's collection, the russian version of Marx's "Das Capital", and buried it in the underground because he avoided the confiscation of the military authorities and the disposal by his mother. Later this memory would transform in an image of love in his film. "Sada" cut off a penis of her lover "kichi" , and that  buries it in her vagina.
We have to invent our memory without cease. Because once we stopped it then we would becme fossilized.   

‪You Should be brutal and shameless, just as your motifs themselves are brutal and shameful. It is not enough to have the proper rhythm in your fingertips, you must turn and twist madness and laughter !‬
‪- L.Meinder 1914‬

In the team of poverty of imagination where people die of spiritual famine without feeling spiritual hunger, where pens are dipped in blood and sword in inks, that which is thought must be done, but that which is only thought is unutterable.
- K.Kraus 1899

The artist can be a creator only when the forms in his picture have nothing in common with nature.
- K. Malevich 1916

Of course, nothing is more difficult to approach than poetry, which is like wild animals 
- Cocteau

Sculpture is more a star act, geometrical, a matter of assembly; concrete plastic art fulfils itself in elemental organic ways , like animals developing, like blood working its way through the veins or the moving water of a river... Art can be learned , though a certain talent is a prerequisite,  it hard work is part of the process. Art comes from intelligence, one must have something to say, but on the other side, that of capability, on must be able to express it. 
- Joseph Beus 1972

And thus we approach a kind of aesthetic terrorism which is based upon a vigorous opposition to the phenomena of elitist and consumer art. 
- Lea Vergine 1974

Art can never ...have any direct political or social impact on culture. But I would think that art is what's used in history; it' s what's kind of left.
- Bruce Nauman 1980