D&G.A thousand plateaus

For in the end the anus also expresses an intensity, in this case the approach to zero of a distance that cannot to be decomposed without its elements changing in nature. A field of anuses, just like a pack of wolves. Does not the child, on the periphery, hold onto the wolves by its anus? The jaw descends to the anus. Hold onto those wolves by your jaws and by his anus ? The jaw is not a wolf jaw, it's not that simple; jaw and wolf form a multiplicity that is transformed into eye and wolf, anus and wolf, as a function of other distances, at other speeds, with other multiplicities, between thresholds. Lines of flight or of deterritorialization , becoming-wolf, becoming-inhuman, deterritorialized intensities; that is what multiplicities is. To become wolf or to become hole is to deterritorialize oneself following distinct but entangled lines. A hole is no more negative than a wolf. Castration, lack, substitution,; a tale told by an overconscious idiot who has no a hole, they are both particles of the unconscious, nothing but particles, production of particles, particulate paths, as that intenses and moving particles pass through holes; a hole is just as much a particles as what passes throug it. Physicists say that holes are not the absence of particles but particles traveling faster than speed of light. Flying anuses, speeding vaginas, there is no castration.
- D&G.A thousand plateaus